Handyman Services in Brighton

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HN Deco & Maintenance offer you the very best in Handyman services to domestic and business customers across Brighton. Our rapid response professionals are the go-to guys for all those jobs that need doing, no matter how big or small. If you don’t have the confidence or the expertise to tackle those DIY jobs yourself, let our team of professionals take care of them for you.

Of course, your local handyman from HN Deco & Maintenance is exceptional at all those quick and simple jobs such as hanging blinds or pictures. But they can also look after other jobs for you, including:

  • Basic plumbing
  • Touch-up painting
  • Simple carpentry

Handy for domestic customers

If you’re out at work all day, or looking after a young family then it’s hard to find the time to hang a picture or assemble some flat-pack furniture. Instead of putting it off, give a HN Deco & Maintenance handy man a call. We can look after all those jobs around the house including basic plumbing and carpentry that you simply don’t have time to do.

Perfect for busy businesses

A simple odd job can stop your business in its tracks. Stay on top of your daily maintenance and those occasional odd jobs, and keep your business running smoothly by calling your handyman from HN Deco & Maintenance. Rather than employing your own handyman, our quick call service makes sense for busy businesses that don’t want the expense of employing a full-time handyman. Fast, efficient and adaptable, our handyman can take care of all those little jobs to keep your business running smoothly.

Getting those little jobs done

Your time is one of your most valuable commodities; so don’t waste it rushing about trying to fix all those little odd jobs around the house or your business. Things like installing decorative shelving, hanging artwork, fixing an electric socket in the bedroom or assembling furniture items often linger on for weeks, simply because you don’t have the time.

More involved projects like a kitchen renovation, installation of new flooring, or bathroom modernization may seem too overwhelming for you to ever accomplish on your own.

So whether it’s a quick, five-minute job or a longer-term project where you need some extra help to get things done, we can take care of them for you while you relax, knowing your home is in safe professional hands. If you are in Brighton then you don’t need to look beyond HN Deco & Maintenance’s Handyman services. We’re dedicated to providing practical solutions to those little jobs around the house or business that you don’t have time to do, and our Brighton handymen are here to help whenever you need us.